the funk continues…=p


Just came from my customer care class. I may have been a bit too presumptious in my last entry. Yes, college is fun and different. Now, I think that’s where the problem for me starts. In highschool, I do speak up in class and all that. I voice out my opinions and even debated infront of a whole bunch of people. But there’s a difference, I’ve known this people for a long time already. In reality, around new people I’m quiet and rather shut up and observe. But college demands me to speak out and voice out my concerns- in front of people I’ve hardly known for a week. Now that scares me and this arises a problem. I’m scared to death, I know I have to voice out my opinions and I will… I just have to get used to it.
Today wasn’t as bad as yesterday though, I got to voice out and even voice out my concerns, it was just really scary. *sigh*. I miss highschool … =’c
But I guess its all part of the process I texted kax yesterday and she was going through the same things… Haay….=)
But then again, all these things are challenges ,right? =)