Getting saved by one of my oldest friends


Daisy and I have a crazy of keeping in touch and that’s through the horror of teenage life (which is something that we would have to leave soon *sniff*), new books, occasionally fashion but more often than not ONE TREE HILL (the constant Lucas and Nathan debate has stood the test of time). But most of the time, thanks to globe unlimited we are able to simply bitch about life and get a quirky response from each other. It’s like playing tennis, only better, because you can do it while watching E! or something like that.

Also her blog supplies me with unlimited supplies of bloggerings like the one in this entry and that is just plain terrific.

Anyway, Wednesday night was comforting for me because of her and what she said about what I was ranting about. I’d rather not divulge the reason mainly because I have forgotten what it was. But it did hurt at that time.

So anyway, allow me to share with you the conversation we had that night to fully explain just how wonderful she is.

Me: (after she asks how I am) “Bett-er! I decided that I gave it a try and it wasn’t what I was
hoping for, I guess it’ll come at the right time. I’d rather move on. But that doesn’t help it from being sucky, reality bites:p”

Daisy: “I know right.. But the sooner we accept reality, the sooner life will move on for us”

We probably exchanged more text messages after that but I may have probably deleted it but I did save the best one that we did exchange that night.

Daisy: “Let’s just chill for now. Savor life and all that it gives- the good and the bad”

Me: (finally gaining perspective) “True. Maybe we just don’t sit down and savor it. We’re too afraid to enjoy because we’re afraid to get hurt”

We move on to smarter things like the Lucas and Nathan debate or did we just run out of credits? I just couldn’t remember.

Daisy is truly the sweetest person around. I know most people our age would think that being friends mean that you should be together 24/7 and have a million and one pictures posted on our friendster, myspace, multiply and whatever website is popular right now.

But Dais and I have been through that and I must admit, we’re past that.

As cheesy as it may sound, we are now the type of friends who would be able to go on days and months without texting, calling or pretty much communicating but still find it easy to talk and talk and talk.


Thanks girl for listening to me vent last night, I’m in a much better state now.:)

Let’s go and take more risks:) And what’s written in your blog is true, time just numbs the pain. :)) I still miss her as much as you do. But you know what? She’d be proud of us, because through it all, we’re still, in a way the same.

The giggling fifth graders in a taxi, afraid to get caught.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!