Hush, Little Dreamer


“What if it passes me by, Lord?”

This was a thought that crossed my mind earlier on the way home.

Every person you meet, no matter what walk of life they come from or how old they are all carry dreams inside their heart. It could be little dreams about minute things or big ones that nobody dares to tell anyone out of the fear of being laughed at.

Yes, in our hearts, God has placed dreams and visions that He promises us will come to pass in our hearts and yet as we look at the world and see many people succeeding, making their dreams come true while we sit wondering if just like them, our dreams would come true as well.

Looking at the world is quite overwhelming. Often, we look at reasons why we are not qualified to make our dreams come true on our own accord. We’re not smart enough. We’re not geographically blessed. I’m not beautiful enough.

On our own accord, we can never make it and so we cry in our own little corner of the world wondering why we are allowed to dream such big dreams when in truth no matter how many times we get on our knees to pray or how hard we work, somebody comes along and snatches our dream away without second thought simply because they know people who know people.

That was the way I used to think.

But then God, ever so calmly whispered into my heart and told me that in truth, He doesn’t need any help in making His dreams for my life come true. He is after all — the creator of all things.

I have come to realize that a big part of making my dreams come true is surrendering my dreams to the greatest storyteller of all time, Him.

But the control freak that I am, I refused to do so. At the back of my mind, God was going to take the most spectacular of dreams and turn them into a second rate version of it. In my head, I dreamed of James Lafferty, surrendered it to God and came back with a singleton stamp on my head. (That really isn’t my dream but for the sake of an example, but James if you’re reading this– uh yes I’m the woman you’re destined to marry!)

Instead of looking to God to be my source and to be the One to make my dreams come true, I held on to my dreams, hoping that God would listen to me and make my dreams come true by simply waving a wand (in my head the wand is the same color as a rainbow). When in truth, God was telling me that my dreams were far too small and that in order for His dreams for my life to come true, I needed to change what was in my heart and needed to trust Him- eyes closed, completely lost for who He is.

Before chasing the dream, I needed to fall in love with the giver and maker of dreams, to find my purpose, I needed to fall in love with the purpose of my being.

Safe to say, there were dreams that I needed to give up on and yet at the same time, God renewed in my heart dreams that were aligned in His plans for me (sadly this does not include being the next American Idol or Bb. Pilipinas- Universe). A big part of this heart renewal process was also accepting that God’s plans for my life may not exactly be the same as the ones He was doing for something else.

The important thing is to be happy for the success of others while trusting God that if He can do it for them, He can certainly do it for me as well. Not in the exact same form because our God is not a boring God but rest assured it will be an amazing and great one because our God is not a God of mediocrity.

God also made me see that in order to see His plans realized in my life, I didn’t need to do more than what He is asking me to do. Okay, let me get this clear: seeing our dreams come true doesn’t mean we sit around waiting for God to make it fall from the sky or have it delivered by the angels on my door step (that would be the day).

It does take hard work and it takes a certain kind of discipline and sticking closely to God. You see, truth is, God doesn’t reveal the plan in one go, instead He reveals it one by one, depending on how much we can take at a time. The things you can do, do it. The things that are impossible for you to do (meeting a person, landing a job without knowing a person inside a company, raising funds for a missionary trip etc), let God handle it because if God has called you to do something, He will equip you.

And remember that you don’t have to force the relationships in your life. God has already ordained the people who will help you in making your dreams come true– God ordained relationships and friendships, God has all of this planned.

Be kind to people but do so because you love them and not because you need a favor from them. Remember, favor is from God, not man, so stick closely with God and the right relationships will come your way.

Truth is, more than our dreams, getting to know God and developing a relationship with God is the most important, basic foundation in your life.

Falling in love with Jesus is already a dream come true.

I know in my heart that God has a beautiful, wonderful plan and purpose for you kind reader of this entry. God has something great brewing for you.

Remember, God has seen the beginning to the end of your life (Psalm 139) and He has the perfect time for everything. It is already in order, all you have to do is walk into those steps.

Just let go and trust that even though your dreams may seem impossible right now, know that God thrives on making the impossible possible because it is then that His name is glorified the most.

God is so excited to make His plans for you come true, so if you feel discouraged, hold on to Him.

I will definitely cheer for you on the day you tell the world how He made YOUR dreams come true.

It is only the beginning.