I know better than to let you break my heart


“If you’ve got the time, we can play a game. It’s easy. We just see if I’m the same shape as the space you have inside you. If everything fits, we both win. If it doesn’t, don’t force it. That’s how you get splinters in your heart.”
I woke up today with that dull aching in my heart and I think I tweeted enough in the last 24 hours for the world wide web to know the reason why and I no longer want to be little miss negative.
I’m taking a break from facebook this week since I think it has caused more bad than good in the past week, you never know what stories you uncover when you accidentally drop by someone important’s page.
I’m currently listening to Mars Hill Church’s Redeeming Grace series on the web and it’s been very cleansing and refreshing so far. I bet i’d be listening to this series more than once this week.
I guess every heartbreak leads to a revelation from God, I don’t know what the revelation is just yet, but He never wastes a tear or a heartbreak so I guess I know that I’d be learning something from this situation again.
I thought history would be a good basis in this relationship, but I guess sometimes history gets in the way and sometimes, when you have too much history with someone, you can’t start over.
It looks good from afar, but the details are messy up close.
I guess parents have a reason why they don’t like a particular person for you and most of the time, even if they’re unreasonable at the beginning, they’re correct. And even if this guy is really wonderful and I love the way his eyes twinkle, he’s not meant for me.
I’m too idealistic. But maybe that’s going to change in time, but for now. It’s doing me good.
This broken hearted thing is actually doing me good, all the pent up energy (anger probably?) is actually pushing me to finish my work way before schedule and allowing me to focus on other things. So I guess it is good after all.
So here goes a facebook-free week. I can’t wait, because I know, miracles are waiting to be unleashed in ways I could not even imagine.
Till then.