“I never understood the point of being sad when I could choose to be happy.”


Since I couldn’t customize my site for some foreign reason (something to do with drivers-whatever that means!) I decided to flood the blog waves of multiply if ever there was once much to Kae’s dismay.(heehee. Someone’s bored too!!) I decided to do another set of soul searching, at least as much as I could while sitting down infront of my computer, waiting for something better to do than studying visual merchandising.

I cannot for the life of me understand my fascination with everything mysterious.
Mystery equates to a challenge for me and I can’t fathom it any longer!

If you’ve read Sloppy Firsts, which the title of this entry was taken from, you have probably come across this quote:

“It’s so easy to convince yourself that you’re in love with someone when you don’t know anything about them”

It’s probably the weakness of the daydreamer in me because I always assume that the grass is greener on the other side. Daydreams are always more enticing to me because of course in those daydreams, nothing’s lost. Everything fits in perfectly and there are just those moments wherein you couldn’t help but sigh because when you finally meet the real person behind the pretense of a daydream, you get disappointed because your daydream’s nothing like the reality of a situation or of a person.

In a way, I guess that’s very depressing but then again you can always flip the situation around and try to find something good in every situation.

Yes, there would be times wherein our dreams would definitely be better than reality. Heck, that happens almost every day but what if there would come that rare moment wherein our daydreams won’t even be close¬†to the magnificent reality that is yet to come?

Like those little disappointments brought about by certain circumstances (and for me, greater expectations) are nothing compared to the grandeur moments that got caught in traffic, which is why it’s taking away to take place in our lives.

During times wherein you feel like crap and you’ve lost all hope, it’s interesting to think this way.

It’s always always better to think that there’s something happen and everyday cannot be crappy.