If you say so.


“Alammo, you’re a flirt!”
Was the most dreaded phrase that a sixth grader could hear back in 2000. Yes, at the turn of the millenium, junior high girls were afriad to flirt simply because being called one was the most demeaning thing that could happen to anyone (to any 12 year old girl actually).
So, since I’ve always had a mind of my own (ha ha) I stayed away from boys because I didn’t want to be called a flirt. But that never seemed to be a problem with me since I’ve always been called as one of the boys.
Fast forward to eight years later when I’m working already and learned to dress appropriately for my age and suddenly, I’m considered a flirt? (And probably more that would be too unkind to say on this wholesome page of mine. he he)
I seriously don’t get it– at all.
I grew up around boys. That’s a given. I have male cousins and probably three female ones. And with my dad’s working environment, I got pretty comfortable at 13.
But you must also remember, I’m the girl with the purity ring, remember?
And nothing much has changed since then.
I’d also like to think that my parents raised me with values.
They told me that if something’s not yours, you shouldn’t grab it, settle with what you have and move on. Same goes with relation-shit. If something ain’t mine, I’d never steal it away.
Also, just because i’m friendly doesn’t mean that I’m head over heels in love.
I wish people would see men and women equally so no drama is created. I swear girls should pick up a thing or two from He’s Just Not That Into You.
I have crushes, I have my moments but I never cross the line.