Rejection with an R


I got rejected today and no it has nothing to do with my heart.

I wanted this particular job and no thanks to this nasty recession, it didn’t happen.

I’m not devastated, just a little sad. I really really wanted it, more than anything, I really wanted it.

So here I am back to square one–which to say at the very least, sucks.

I’m lost but I’m not bawling (Thank God, I got over that!) but there’s a hole in my chest and I just really want to get over it.

You know what’s funny? My optimism has gotten the best of me, I no longer cry like I used to and although my heart did break a little, I’m still doing okay (alright, you got me, I did eat on piece of chocnut to make me feel better :P).

I know despite how hurtful this situation, there’s still a reason why I’m still here in this job.

Oh wow, rejection in any form just really hurts.

I hope tomorrow, things get better.