i’m hooked


About two summers ago, Meteor Garden went on air and I totally despised it. Really, I was thinking how baduy and corny it was. Even when my junior year started and everyone was into it, I chose to stay away from the whole pandemonium.
This summer’s different. They are now airing it again at a much convenient time (before it used to be shown the same time that Lizzie Mc Guire was on air. Come on, who doesn’t like Lizzie McGuire?) and I am hooked. I am loving the whole San Cai (did I spell that right? Or is with an “H”?), Dao and Wazu Lei love story. Okay, maybe I am a little bit outdated and people other than myself already know the story and who’s going to end up with who, but I couldn’t help it. It’s so addicting.
It has that super kilig factor and there are some scenes that would make your eyes water. Aaahhh!!! Dao is so sweet! In a super possessive way, that is. But you know what? I don’t find any of the members of F4 cute at all. I like Xing Ha (okay, is that another misspelling?), San Cai’s bestfriend. Yup, that’s him.
Now, I know why everyone was so into it. It’s so cute. Oh and there’s another show that’s got me hooked – Veronica Mars.
I know what you guys are thinking, “she seriously needs a life”
Ha! I second that!=)