alone again…naturally


I am hurt again, betrayed again,.
But this time, the hurt only stings.
I don’t break,
Not anymore.
Instead, I stand on both feet,
But my head still hung low.
I feel like a deflated balloon,
Deflated of its air, of its shape.
The string holds me down.
There’s no reason for me to slumber,
I still have a whole world to discover.

My shattered dreams and broken hopes remain tucked away,
In a place I barely visit anymore.
Its time for me to take away the sorrow
That yesterday has brought.
I have to move on. . .
Make something out of myself
And start anew.

I have turned over a new leaf,
My new life begins now.
I am okay.Alone but strong,
Alone but not weeping.
Unloved but toughened by mistakes.
I am alone again… naturally,
But for the first time ever,
I am smiling.