odd facts about me


These odd facts are just a few of the many weird/quirky traits about me. Some of these facts may change over mood swings. These are a handful of things about me, but then again there’s still a lot to know. *wink*

I am a frustrated cheerleader.
– During my primary years I was always a “cheerleader” for my class but then again is that even considered? So, my cheerleading stint ended in fourth grade, maybe that was that time my “real” dancing skills have been revealed… Hmm, I wonder.

I actually enjoyed GEOM, CHEM, BUSINESS MATH and BIOLOGY.
– What can I say? I was simply challenged=)

I loved C.H.A.
– I pretended not to like it. But I loved it and I met the best people in my life there.=)

I am a huge sap who cries over every single romantic gesture.
-Whether or not the romantic gesture is for me, I always get teary eyed. Okay, I really don’t need to elaborate, right?!

I am not serious all the time.
– That’s true. I don’t worry about the economic status of the Philippines all the time or the fact that there are more than a thousand kids who go to sleep hungry ever day. Nope, I don’t go talking about that all the time. I love mimicking accents, dancing when no one’s looking and singing at the top of my lungs.

I love making fun of other people’s accents.
-Not to be mean or anything, I just can’t help it. One of the many reasons why I love Sir Ben.=)

I can be shy around new people
– Some people may take my silence as me being snobby or me thinking that im better than them but really its that simple. I am a shy person.

I can talk for two hours straight but stay silent for that same duration of time when upset and/or don’t like the person im talking to or where the conversation is going.
– ‘nuff said.

I’d rather hang out with kids rather than stuck up snobs.
-Again, ‘nuff said.

I love kiddie shows
– And I don’t mean “pacute” cartoons and TV shows (like Spongebob Squarepants, As told by Ginger or Hey Arnold) bur really babyish shows/cartoons like Dora, Franklin, Bananas in Pajamas, Sesame street…you get it.

I love peanut butter and banana sandwich.
– And other weird combinations like oreo dipped in peanut butter or Mang Tomas with fish fillet. Oh and I cannot eat peanut butter with just peanut butter. Haha.

When I’m mad, I hardly say anything.
-But the minute I’m alone in my room words come pouring in my journal. The words take up more than two pages. At the very least.

I always fall for the good, squeaky clean, lanky guys.
-Okay, maybe not that specifically. I just don’t fall for the “popular” guy. For example, would I chose Chad Michael Murray over James Lafferty? No. In a room full of guys, I would most likely end up with the one sitting in one corner rather than the one “working” the room.

I love watching local afternoon game shows.
– Just so I’d know if I am able to answer the questions. Haha.

I love videoke.
I am not as sweet as people assume me to be. I think its inhumane for someone to be smiling 24/7 without ever getting pissed.