“I’m pretty, but i’m not beautiful. I sin, but i’m not the devil. I’m good, but i’m not an angel.”


The thing with me is that I can be very very moody.

It’s always been that way, maybe it’s rooted from insecurity or in a way, self-hate but I don’t like thinking that extreme. I think maybe, some people just push your buttons the wrong way and you can’t help but feel a certain amount of anger or irritation.

This is especially true for people who love to interrupt you when you have several deadlines to meet, have not eaten a decent meal and have not been to the gym (I don’t know why, it just coincides).

I know it’s all about self control but on most days, you just turn into a monster (this is especially true if im on a diet). And this is something that I am proud of, I hate it when I turn into a monster and unleash my wrath unknowingly.

But trust me, some people are just plain annoying and irritating!

But then again, I shouldn’t put all the blame on them since again, it all falls down to respect and discipline.

I do respect people but there are just “argg” moments, but you know what helps in restraining my sometimes displaced anger?

The guilt that I feel afterwards. So you know just what the quote says, I do sin but in no wy am I a devil.

I’m working on it though.

I simply don’t want to be a bitch anymore… unless its called for.