Random Things Most People Miss


because they are too busy being busy.

My hands are freezing at the moment! It’s too cold in the office (so cold that you cannot think anymore) and it’s just weird because when you step out, sweltering heat will hit you. People are probably wondering why I’m wearing my New York-esque sweater to work. Sadly, it’s not because I just want to look nice but because I’m afraid that I will no longer survive without it.


My trainer is a big-time scamm-er. He messes with the weighing scale at the gym so that people will buy these fat burning pills from him. TSK! I understand his needs, but come on, to let people think that they are not losing after spending two hours in the gym for four days every week is just plain disturbing! If that gym wasn’t so close to home, I would have left a long time ago!


Just randomly thought of this: What Do You Think of Torpe Guys?

I think they’re kindda sweet. The fact that they can hardly speak when you’re around is something new compared to those guys who are way to airy for thier own good.