im THISCLOSE to losing it.


I think I’ve mentioned this before that the little things that don’t annoy most people annoy me. I’m unique in that sense I guess-haha. BUT for these past few days, these little annoyances has become more than just “little”.

For one thing, there’s this “friend” of mine who makes it her mission in life to make sure that she’s better than me and make me aware of it. Now that is something I just don’t understand since I have this belief that no one is better than anyone. People are different from each other, not better. It’s rather annoying cause this “friend” makes sure that she knows what Im doing at all times and makes sure that I don’t do anything that would make me “better” than her. Whatever missy, I am in no competition. I only compete with myself and so far, that has been really fun. BOO YOU!

Ginebra’s losing streak. *tear* I don’t want the season to end just yet. Gur.

This other “friend” who was constantly there when he needed something from me but quickly disappeared once I’ve done the little favor that he was asking for. Hmph. Some best friend.

People who judge me based on a few measley conversations.

Nice guys who date trashy girls. Don’t they know that they deserve more? It’s kindda sad and pathetic if you ask me. You can do SO MUCH BETTER!!

The meger supply of nice guys. And I’m not talking about nice guys to date since im not in to dating yet, i mean nice guys period. Don’t they ever realize that the “ignoring-the-girl-so-she’d-be-into-me” is so Dawson’s Creek. We’re in the One Tree Hill era already. Get over it.

Guys who play games. If you want to be friends with someone, be friends with someone. if you want to be something else with someone, tell that someone. It wouldn’t kill you. And that might work instead of constantly making the other person think without even asking how they feel. Come on, what if that “someone” just wants to be friends and you go on playing games with that someone? I better stop this is just tad confusing.