whoa…i’m back huh?


I guess its been awhile since I actually sat down and wrote anything meaningful. To be honest, my family and close friends have been the recepient of my oh-so opinionated reviews on everything including the teen edition, current movies (would you believed I actually loved m.i.3?! haha) and everything else in between.

Thing is I actually have like 5 entries, but then again you can never trust a floppy disk ever again. That’s it, I’m never using one again.

So, how have I been?

…Well, for one thing my whole family has this crazy notion that i’m anorexic/bulimic. Its quite funny and embarassing because I weigh pretty much how I SHOULD weigh, I checked on the internet. My weight compliments my height. It does not help though that I collapsed last saturday, BUT that’s due to PMS and not some eating disorder.

other than that I’M okay. Will blog again soon:) Just dropped by to remind you guys that i am ALIVE. haha:)