It doesn’t help


(another revised entry)

Basketball is fun. The adrenaline rush you get cannot be explained. The food is also a major plus, nothing beats watching a game while muching on all that junk. But with all the good things that come with watching a game, there are also sucky things that come with it. Loosing tops my list but there are other things as well.
Actually watching a basketball game is pretty much like going to school, you see the same people. You gain friends but you cannot please everybody. Okay, let me back this up a little bit and explain. You see I view watching a basketball game as first a blessing because it is my dad’s job. Second, an outlet (if you feel bad nothing beats watching a basketball game to let you forget about that broken heart) and a hobby (aside from Coke, I also cheer for other teams). I view it as a school, but others view it as a party. What do I mean by this? Some people view it as a time to get dressed ( more skin the better), hooking up with boys (well basketball players are somewhat hot) and showing off thier “connections”.
I honestly couldn’t care less. I respect people if they view as that I respect that. Until the last game. You see for the last couple of games there’s this certain mother and daughter (i know its as if we’re in a beauty pagent) caught my attention and my mom’s.
How? Well, wouldn’t you notice people who on purpose show off thier close to certain players (hint: they came from an amateur league but not from dear ADMU or DLSU) and look at your from head to toe and make snide remarks about what your wearing with matching evil stares.
My mom and I just ignored it and continued to ignore it even if their stares and comments became more obvious. For example last game since we came from my graduation we arrived early in araneta, we were able to catch the first game. So carl and I left my mom in starbucks and we decided to watch the first game. When we got inside there were guys sitting on our seats so the usherette asked them to move since those weren’t thier seats. No problem with the guys until this girl who wasn’t seated on our row started talking loudly (it was the mothe)”Bakit? Ticket namin yan ah,saan ba galing ticket nila?” It was way biatchy but carl and i just sat down and enjoyed the game but the usherette replied,”Wala ho akong magagawa ticket nila yan.Hindi naman sainyo un.” The mother continued the debate (I wish like hell that arvin was there,haha) but the usherette went on her way obviously pissed. Carl and I were quiet, I was busy texting linette (lily, i miss you!) when suddenly i heard a rather loud girl (it was the daughter) shout, “Go kuya *name of that basketball player here*” She looked at me as if to say, “kilala mo ba un?” Again, I ignored her. Then she passed infront of me without even saying excuse me and talking loudly on her phone saying,”Ay naku! Andito na naman ang baduy ng suot. As if naman. Upuan namin un eh” Hello, enough with the seats.
Again, I ignored them until they left.
What’s with all the hating? There’s no competition going off court. Its all for the pure love of the game. No room for hating anyway and judging. Its a small world, see we even bump into each other from time to time. I hope you and your mom realize that we haven’t even formally met so there’s no need for hatin and harsh talking. It doesn’t help anyone, not even yourself and your “status” (whatever you think your social status is).
Let’s forget all this hatin’. Let’s just respect each other and root for our teams. Its more fun that way. Besides, I don’t comment on your clothes anyway.