It Starts Here



What is it exactly? How one defines it reflects one’s priorities in life. Greatness is often relative, depending on what job they hold or where they are in life.

Greatness was the theme of the night last September 18, 2013 when Toby’s Sports  launched its new breed of endorsers and celebrated 35 years of success at the SMX Function Room 1 in SM Aura.

It was the first time the public witnessed the three new endorsers of Toby’s Sports who have inspired the athletes (no matter how minute, the athlete is in there!) in all of us. 

In photos beautifully taken by Jojit Lorenzo, Toby’s Sports highlighted the essence of passion, excellence, and yes, greatness. At the end of the day, it’s really all about you and how much you’re going to give to get to where you want to be.

The event also paid tribute to their fourth endorser, Karyn Velez. Her life, though short, was lived to the full and was bridled with early success. I only hope I could share her story in due time.

Guests of the event also relived the 35 years of Toby’s (didn’t know it started as a toy store!) and how many aspiring athletes it has inspired along the way. Both Michele and James admitted to buying their first ever sports equipment / apparel when they were kids at Toby’s! Their excitement over being endorsers of a brand they have appreciated for so long was contagious!  James even mentioned that he has been praying for an endorsement like this one for awhile now. 

For Toby’s, their It Starts Here campaign is more than just an ad campaign, but hopefully, something that will encourage people to take a step, no matter how small, in achieving their goals.

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