The Wrath of the Matter



It’s an emotion I admittedly don’t associate with myself often. Most of my friends would be quick to say that I rarely get mad, and when I do I cry for hours before actually saying anything.

I’m pretty much like my dad when it comes to being mad. I keep it all inside, but lately, I’ve been teaching myself to speak up, not to degrade people but to speak up when my rights are violated. Lately, I’ve been vocal, yet still polite in sharing my personal insights, and opinions.

I just feel that I worked extra hard to study and educate myself, and I would never get to where I want to be unless I learn to stand up for myself. I’m still fairly new to all this saying how I feel territory and I do work very hard to find a certain kind of balance between saying what I feel and still giving people the respect they deserve.

I have made a decision however to always choose respect. My anger doesn’t give me the license to malign people or make them feel small. While some might think I am writing this blog entry to defend myself, I’ve always believed in this quote when it comes to people who attack someone else’s reputation or character, “When people speak negatively about you, live in such a way that no one would believe them.”

This is the reason why I choose to let this go and not even defend myself or tell people what really happened. Anger is a very dangerous emotion, and I would rather not sink deep into its viciousness, instead, I choose to do it God’s way.

I don’t have to defend who I am and I’m not mad at you for what you have done to me or my family. Instead, I pray for God to grant you peace, because only a soul at war can spew such viciousness.I continue to bless you, and despite the hate you’ve thrown my way, I still choose to love and forgive you. =)