It was just another manic monday


It was just another Manic Monday
Mondays are crazy, we don’t even get the time to breathe or have a lunch period for that matter. But I’m not complaining. If you’re my friend, you’d know how much I love being busy and how much I love having a million and one things to do on my checklist.

I’m the type of person who would kill to be busy.

Speaking of friends, I’m developing this weird habit of calling special people, “my friend.” It’s an annoying habit.

But would you rather call them “an acquaintance”? Doesn’t that seem cold?

Do you even know what I’m talking about?

I’ve been trying to make my own version of “if I knew then”. I just can’t find the words to talk to my sixteen year old self… maybe next week.
As of the moment, my life is drama free and I would love for it to stay that way.

Gone are the days of depression out of nowhere and days of fun filled glee is coming. Can’t you hear it in the tone of my voice?

I’m actually giddy.

Hope you’re as giddy as I am. Have a fun filled Tuesday and an even more exciting week ahead!

Another thought to make you happy: it’s ugly betty night.