i’ve always been a major fan


When I was in my “rebel stage” I grew a sense of admiration for angelina jolie-the poster girl for being a rebel without a cause. I was thirteen and I wanted to be like her already. Just like any normal fan, I researched on the daredevil and realized that there is more to her than meets the eye. The whole ambassador thing has made me even a bigger fan of ms. jolie. And for the record, I never ever hated her when she started going out with brad pitt. I don’t think the whole breakup of brad pitt and jennifer aniston’s marriage was her fault. I think she was just at the right place at the wrong time or something like that. Her charity work is so inspiring and amazing. It’s like she has this sense of inner peace because she GIVES instead of TAKES. It’s awe-spiring. Brad Pitt is climbing my hot guy chart as well but then again… no one can ever beat James Lafferty in my heart… but that is saved for another entry.:)