I’ve been 18 for 3 months and I have…


1) Fallen in love with Wentworth Miller.
– My 2 year old infatuation with Nathan Scott has ended. My mom says that I’ve matured in my taste in boys. Move over high school jocks, I’m into inmates now. HA HA HA,
2) Learned to appreciate “solitude”
– Alone time is great time. I embrace solitude more and more these past few weeks. I enjoy the company of friends and the other people that I love but solitude isn’t something that I’m afraid of anymore. Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee, my journal and/or a good book.
3) Not stopped talking to myself
– I do it ALL THE TIME. It’s starting to freak people out! My 13 year old brother disowns me now; he says I’m too old to have an imaginary friend. He doesn’t fail to wrestle me when I reiterate my point that the whole point of barney is to put kids’ wild imagination into good use. He doesn’t find humor in this comment, which leads to more wrestling which isn’t really funny because he is about 5 inches and about 60 lbs heavier.
4) A 13 year old brother
– Oh no he’s not longer the toddler who constantly tags along asking for my BSB tapes instead he is a grown “man” (that’s what he looks to me now) and has been in a relationship for about 9 months. Crazy. Whatever happened to the “when ate gets a bf that’s when you get a gf”. You know what I told him when I said this fact to him? “When is that ever going to happen??” Go figure.
5) Declared Tyra Banks my role model after Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman and Jada Pinkett Smith
– Self-explanatory. Oh and Jennifer Love Hewitt because she dated Alec Baldwin AND Wentworth Miller. Can you spell L-U-C-K-Y?
6) Given my hair its much needed “OOMMMPPPHHH”
– Just in time for the new term, I’ve gotten streaks for my hair now, I have finally gotten the guts to do it.
7) Gotten over my shy side
– Finally!! I can talk to anyone anywhere.. BRING IT! (Except maybe if he’s 6 foot 3, wears a pink shirt and smiles all the time. When he’s around, I’m plain speechless *wink*)
8) Been nicer to people
– Agree with me on this or ELSE?? Haha, told you I’m nicer.
9) Realized that in order to stay smart and happy, one must STAY SINGLE.
– Enough said. Period.
10) Been addicted to Crime Suspense channel
– So long ETC, Law and Order, Bones, Cold Case and the like are way better than any emo show! Whoot Whoot! Being a crime scene investigator is on top of my “ I WANT TO BE LIST’ next to being a surgeon and getting married to Dr. Mc Dreamy or Kreav. Whoot whoot!!!!