Lesser Being


I have a shameless addiction and it has nothing to do with Mr. Schue.

It’s called high expectations.

Although i am no longer 16 i still believe the best in people but sometimes you’d have to question yourself, is that a good thing?

I have become so preoccupied with the thinking that people should live up to my expectations all the time that I forget it’s asking too much and no one can really live up to that kind of perfection.

Maybe it’s a way for me to shy away from people and to hide in my shell.

But in reality, it’s a pointless trait to have because sooner or later, people would eventually hurt us, intentionally or not. People would break our hearts and no one is an exception.

Now, don’t go bitter on me yet, this does not mean that we shut every single person out but instead we leave a little more room for their mistakes.

It also does not mean that we use this as an excuse to allow people to abuse or mistreat us, it just means that we should stop beating people up, especially the people that we love whenever they’d offend us with little mistakes.

We’re human beings.

We’re all evolving to become better versions of ourselves and on the way to an improved us, we often leave little scars and nicks on the way.

And it’s okay. It’s okay to leave a little room and to let things go.

It may be an extreme idea but didn’t you realize that God, who sent His son to die for us, doesn’t demand that kind of perfection so who are we to set that kind of expectation?

It is liberating and it’s true that in Him, we are completely freed even from unwise expectations that leave most of our relationships crippled.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to love more and expect less.