lets waste time chasing cars…:)


“Have fun. I don’t kid myself. Life is very fragile, and success doesn’t change that. If, anything success makes it more fragile. Anything can change, without warning, and that’s why I try not to take any of what’s happened too seriously”
-Donald Trump

“Keep Strong, if possible, if any case, keep cool”
–Sir Basil Liddel

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always been told that being alone is wrong. I have also be reminded that in order to BE cool, you MUST be surrounded with people 24/7, preferably people other THAN your family. No man is an island, and friends are a must.

I can’t say that I totally DISAGREE but I can’t say that I totally AGREE either. Here I go again with the either/ors of life that I can’t seem to decide on. But this is what I learned so far: being alone ain’t all that bad.

For one thing, being alone entails you to be away from all that drama that people seem to be so much fond of. I have noticed these past few days that in order to enjoy life, you must be a bitch. Whoever said this principle must have some screws loose. Enjoying life is all about minding one’s business and focusing on your own. The world is problematic enough as it is, focusing and antagonizing over other people’s businesses may be way too stressful all in the same. Insisting on hurting other people’s feelings may be difficult and all way too much to handle, but if that is what makes people happy then so be it. Point of the story is: being alone takes you away from all of these crap that we don’t NEED to deal with.

BUT, I feel that I have spoken about the point so many times that I don’t think I need another blog entry about that.

Being alone also allows one to reflect on who she really is and realize who and what they don’t want to have around. Sometimes, you get so used to doing something or being surrounded by the same people that you fail to realize that that’s not exactly what you want or its something that you have outgrown.

This is my blog and I have the right to actually write about what’s really going on in my life, BUT I don’t want to be dumping my problems on those people who are nice enough to visit this site. Everyone needs a little optimism.

Something that I think of often is this saying, “Time passes by when you’re having fun”. It’s something you notice when you were a kid and realized that just when you thought of a really clever game with your playmate that your parents tell you that you need to go ho Or home or when you’re watching a really good show and your dad calls you in because its already your bed time, those things make realize that just when you’re having fun, that’s when its time to leave or time to go to bed. When you’re watching a good show or playing a clever game, you never think, “Oh, this is taking so long”. You never dread it or you never anticipate its ending.

Just like life, when you’re going through good times, you can never get enough of it, but when you’re going through bad times, you wish like hell that you’d get through it soon. We often wonder where all the fairness in the world has gone and we fail to remember the law of equilibrium. Come on, you know that, give Economics some credit. When one goes up, one must come down to create balance. Just like life, in as much as I would LOVE to rant, cry and whine about how my life has been going so far, I’d rather not to.

Because in me is that hope, that after this storm, there would definitely be more rainbows to greet me. But before that time comes, I wouldn’t mind spending time indoors wherein Grey’s Anatomy makes me feel a whole lot better.

Oh and yeah, the whole dark cloud and silver lining thing, it’s actually true.