the pros and cons of living with the brady bunch


I’m 18, in the United States, my parents should have kicked me out of the house and I should be working my shifts at In & Out already.

But I’m not in the United States and not yet required to work in order to pay for my education, fortunately.

Truth is this:

I’m 18 and I’m still living with my parents.
I still don’t know how to drive and I still don’t have my license. (I can hear y’all saying “loser now)
I never had a boyfriend.
My parents can still drag me to places without hearing my complaints.
I don’t party all night and I don’t go home drunk (not that that’s something I actually would want to do-please)
Point is this: I never rebelled against my parents since I was eleven (you should have met me in my middle school days, I swear, it was rebellion at its peak).
My idea of fun is watching basketball games on the weekends, making sure my baby brother gets his homework done, reading good books and watching TV all day long.
I’ve never sneaked out and not planning to.

Yes, my parents may be lucky with this one. I don’t even answer back, I just get a little whiney when I don’t get what I want but other than that, I’m pretty much a freakin’ good girl.

Most of my friends ask me why I’m such a good daughter. And most of the times, I don’t know what to answer. Maybe saying that “I like doing what’s right” doesn’t just make the cut. There must be some hardcore explanation and I haven’t found one yet.

This is the purpose of this entry. I’m trying to search for an explanation on why I’m such a cookie cut daughter, but I haven’t found an answer just yet.

All I know is this: my parents have gone through a lot just so I could be where I am now. My parents have never done anything damaging to me. Always there in every school play, always checked my homework, always made sure that my tuition fee was paid and made sure that I was on the right track.
I guess, its safe to say that my parents sacrificed a lot just so they could keep an eye on us 24/7.

I could never repay all these sacrifices by being a full on rebel bitch. Not that I have anything against those who have the guts to be such, but that’s not just me. I like doing good and I don’t like being scolded. My parents have enough on their mind to worry about me and the little knick knacks of my life.

In a way, I am probably sacrificing a lot too. I don’t go out as much as I could and I probably don’t have any hard core stories to tell my children about my teenage years (not that I want kids. At the moment, no), but maybe this life is the good life for now. I can’t afford any foolish mistakes. I have to graduate soon and go get another degree before I turn 24.

All the partying I could attend once I finish with school. All the boys in the world I would give time to when I graduate. And all the places I would visit when I finally have my own money to spend and I would take my family with me.

My grandmother called from the States last week and she mentioned something to me that hit home, “There are many fishes in the sea. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve made better decisions” Funny thing that was exactly what my mother said about a month ago.

A lot of fishes in the sea, why hurry? What you sow is what you reap. I’m planting all these hard work right now so I could enjoy the fruits later on.

My life might be hella boring right now. But whoever said that boring wasn’t fun anyway?