Little Ms. Goody Two Shoes?


Today I met someone.

She had the same height, the same built and the same hair color as me and she also had the distingushed laugh that seperated her from the others. She was loud at times, but most of the time, she was quiet, tucked away in a corner, reading a good book.

I would sworn that she was my twin sister, only she had this annoying fact about her, she’s a damned good two shoes and I absolutely hate do-gooders because they always felt fake to me until today.

I have that naughty, tempermental side that people close to me have witnessed while at the same time, I also have this Good Girl Complex that I experienced today.

It’s disgustingly alarming just because I always thought that I was badass.

But the idea of hurting anyone just hurts me as well, which is funny because I used to be the biggest bitch on the planet.

Times are changing, aye?