Love, You Made Me Write Again


Out of the blue she came to see me
It’s been a while since we’ve been apart
Truth be told my knees they were trembling
I swear i felt like a little child
For she was more beautiful than ever
A healing sight to my own eyes
And the fact that we were together
Never crossed my mind
-When You Love Someone, Drop N Harmony

All the things I remember, all the things that really shouldn’t matter, I do remember them now and today. I remember them like it was yesterday. It’s funny really because after all these years, this is the time that I sit down to remember them, in the middle of a busy day, in the middle of a wedding, in a middle of a basketball game. I realized that I never really stopped thinking about you. You were always dancing in my head, waiting to be unlocked.
And I’m sitting here, going through old Dawson’s Creek quotes because I feel that best explains our story. Quotes always spoke what I could not find the words to say the emotions that I have managed to tangle and untangle inside of me.
But I’m at a loss because every line is about us and yet, they cannot explain the depth of what I’m truly feeling so I’m stuck.
There are so many words lost between our distance and our silence. And a greater part of me wants to run away and dismiss this as simple wishful thinking, but what good would that do? I’ve been doing that for the past _____ years and it only leads us to this infinite chase.
At one end of the spectrum, I want us to work. On the other end, I want it to stay this way: a child’s dream the way Peter Pan felt about Neverland. I’m playing the role of the infinite child.
There’s always something about that love that you never had. It will continue to haunt you and make you rethink every decision that led to this day of wishful thinking and continuous hoping.
You crossed my mind today. That’s really all I needed to say.