marketing rocks!


Joining the annual national marketing convention last Friday totally jolted me out of my senses. Since I don’t have any marketing or advertising subjects this term, I realized that my passion for it has been put to sleep until last Friday.

I LOVE marketing. I LOVE advertising.

Now, I know why I was given the incessant need to talk to people I don’t know and constantly think of scenarios wherein James Lafferty (there was actually a time that it was Lance Bass. Eww.) would ask me to marry him.

When I was eleven and I was convincing everyone I know that Nsync was the greatest boy band on earth by continually forcing them to watch their videos, listen to their songs and read articles about them I didn’t know that I would actually be in the field of “selling” things or people in the future. Also, my matchmaking skills may have also played an important role.

Marketing is fun. I shrink at my lack of adjectives for it. I think the Lord sent me this way for a reason and boy am I glad.

*** Thanks and congrats to the SFC PMA team. Indeed,you have placed SFC in the map. Love you and so so proud of you:)