my top five embarassing moments… so far


1) I think this happened when I was four or five. My parents and I were walking around Megamall’s food court when I decided to show off my “next karate kid” skills to my dad. I did this by kicking while walking with the very famous, “HIYA” comments. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, what made me stop was when I did an impressive high kick which made my right shoe land in the soup of a foreigner, who was eating nearby. Whoops.

2) My first plane ride at age four. I was announcing to the plane’s crew that I was Claudine Baretto (hey, these were the “ang tv” days). I would simply not respond to anyone who called me otherwise (yes even those who called me by my REAL name). My parents were worried that they’d be charged with kidnapping because apparently during that trip, “Carla” did not exist.

3) When I was eleven, I accompanied my baby brother to a VTR. I was so “kilig” to see my then crush, whose name I have forgotten. I was also making fun of the girl beside me who was trying to get his attention by laughing out loud. When I faced my mom to share this funny incident, she laughed out loud too. Apparently, the tissue that I used to wipe the sweat off my face was now all over my face. Yeeawh.

4) I was ten when this incident happened: I picked up my brother from his pre school dressed in my “pambahay” clothes, waited in the designated area with the other “guardians” when a yaya told me, “’Day, bago ka?” Talk about the trauma that that incident has caused!

5) This just happened recently, like a week ago. My mom and I were hanging out at the SISC PR lounge when a nursing dude comes and my mom, all innocent goes rather loudly, “IS that your crush?” Omgg mother. To begin with: NO. And thanks, now I can never face that guy again and I see him EVERDAY.