“May boyfriend ka na baabaa??!!!” (followed by a booming sound to emphasize THE QUESTION)


That question is the is the dreaded question that I have avoided like plague when I was in high school. I’d often find ways to sugarcoat my answer as to not sound pathetic. Eveyone knows that being single in high school can be denoted as kiss of popularity death, a sign that you’re either:

A) Too Hideous
B) You’ve got impossible standards (somehow this sounds better than the first)

As I moved on to college, the rules changed and questions switched to, “Are you seeing/dating/hooking up with someone right now?”. Sugarcoating answers to those questions became trickier and in my freshman year, I’ve learned the art of saying, “No Comment”.

Soon after all the denying and sugarcoating, I finally found myself asking why am I afraid to say the
huge S word? What was wrong with it?

Culture dictates that boy-girl relationships are normal and the way of life.I respect that, it’s the way we’re built.But suddenly our generation’s too focused on it and it’s never believable to sayt that you’re single and having fun.

That translates to saying that you’re on the lookout for a new guy.

It’s never denoted as a girl being satisfied with being alone.

Just because one’s alone doesn’t mean they have to be lonely. We have our friends, we have our family and most importantly, we have our relationship with our Lord. Those should be enough to fill us with enough love to last a life time.

Just think of it this way, instead of focusing our attention on just one person, we are able to share that kind of love with million others. And you recieve more in return. Which is fulfilling and hardly heart wrenching.

That love would come… for me at least. So I don’t even worry about it anymore. I’ve grown out of the phase where I was too afraid to admit the fact that I was single.

So these days when people come up to me and happen to ask the dreaded question, I tell them with a big grin that “YES, I’M SINGLE!” in a heart beat.