meet franzea at 1.6 years old!


i cannot believe it has been a year since franzea cosette aka the love of my life has entered my life and now here she is at 1.6 years old:

at 1.6 franzea is in love with: Elmo (Mel-Mo), Abby Cadaby (my personal favorite) and her Baby Alive doll who is walking around without a pampers and who she fondly calls wee-wee.

it amazes me how much franzea knows and how fierce she is. a little fierce little girl who won’t take no for an answer. franzea is also so much advanced for her age remembering things like whose ipod has the song that she currently has (i am to embarrassed to tell you which song that is and who owns the ipod *guilty face*) and she also knows who to run to when she wants to get something (again, guilty). she has so many antics i don’t even know where to begin.

a great highlight though is this:

she started potty training already!

it is such a beautiful thing to watch a little child grow up and even at 1.6, i can tell that franzea is going to take over the world and me, as her nana will always be there, no matter what!

i love you franzea and i hope you know how much my life has changed since you arrived on earth 1 year and six months ago.