His goodness


“God is all-knowing and all-powerful makes his goodness even better. I can trust God even if things look bleak. It does not matter that God is all-powerful or all-knowing if He is not all good. If He is not all-good, I will never be able to love and trust him.”

– James Bryan Smith, The Good and Beautiful God

God is trustworthy.

Growing up, we have come across the adage that if we only do good that is the only time that God will be good to us but in truth, no matter what we do, whatever situation we’re in, God is always good.

I have said that sentence a million times since I grew up in a Christian home, I have heard this sentence in songs, church and even in school. However, I never truly understood it. I mean of course God is good, He is good, but what does that have to do with me?

In truth, it has a lot to do with me, it has a lot to do with my faith because how I perceive God to be is the foundation of my relationship with Him.

it is so easy to relate God to our circumstances. it is so easy to base our belief in God with what’s happening to us or around us. if things are great, wow God is great, but if things are not doing so well then how does this make us view God?

in truth, it should be the other way around, whatever our circumstances are, our view of God must remain the same.

God holds us in the palm of our hand. God has the entire Universe in His hands and He can practically do anything He want and yet He doesn’t simply because He is good and therefore nothing about Him is ever bad or evil, therefore He cannot cause His children any harm simply because there is nothing bad about Him at all.

It is kind of a difficult concept to grasp all at once but I hope this starts your week right: God is good all the time.

The most powerful being in the Universe, who can do anything with a snap of a finger loves you and is constantly good to you so what is there to fear? What should we be intimidated by?

Truly this is the only truth that you should stand upon on this week. Our God is good and most of all, He is good to you.