my love affair with the kennedys


my boss lent me the best mini-series i’ve ever seen in awhile.

i remember reading about the conspiracies when JFK’s only son, JFK Jr. died in an airplane crash when I was eleven and from then on my fascination with the Kennedys started and although i was more interested in The Kennedys rather than Jackie O, as most girls would.

there was something mystical about the rise (i couldn’t say fall) of the American Royal Family that made them more interesting to me than that of Princess Diana and Prince Charles (Kate was yet to be known to me and Harry was a youngster who could never be cuter than his brother) and although school has gotten in the way of my history lesson on the side, i’ve always been intrigued by them and watched everything i could get my hands on including the 2006 “Bobby” starring Emilio Estevez, Lindsay Lohan, Joshua Jackson, Shia Labeouf and Demi Moore. i also enjoyed the “Jack and Bobby” series that only lasted for one season (really, one season only? really?).

so anyway, watching the mini-series just made me even more obsessed with the elusive family. for one thing, all of them were beautiful, i mean seriously take one look at that family and you can see that they were just so beautiful, although not in a blinding way but in a kindda rugged, kindda rough but still very charismatic way. and something has to be said about their intelligence. and another thing, that intelligence and charisma, but the third thing that drew me and probably the most powerful factor is how closely knit their family was.

their story was so stunning it made me wish that i lived in that era.

i think that was the reason why they were so strong and why they were able to build such a dynasty and now that i am finished with the series, i cannot help but feel a deep sense of awe… truly, at the end of the day the most that you have is family.