my about me part that stupid friendster didn’t accept;p


– am a 17 year old girl who dreams of being 23 but wishes she stayed 11.
– am still a contradiction but no longer complicated.
– would rather spend a day with real people talking about stuff that are considered “boring” rather than spend it with a bunch of people who do nothing but talk about what clothes they’re wearing, where they partied last night, who they know… please show me people who actually make sense!
– am no saint. I treat people the way they treat me. If you’re nice to me, I’ll even be nicer but if you’re annoying and oh so full of yourself… I’ll just pretend you don’t exist!
– take pleasure in the little miracles of life. I am a mush and the cheesiest person you’d ever meet. Cheesy lines were invented because of people like me who find the need to cry over them. I laugh at the corniest jokes as well and I am not hard to please at all.
– am moody, affectionate, sensitive, frank, honest, odd and geeky.
– am still a dreamer trapped in this chaotic maze called “reality”
– am who I am. I am sorry but I don’t try to change who I am to fit into this world of paperdoll people. I live my own life at my own terms. I make my own decisions and take life as it comes. What you see is definitely what you get.
– believe that conformity is boring. Life’s unique, live your own. (By living your own, I do not mean imitating someone else’s “uniqueness” and passing it off as your own.. okay that’s not exactly living your own life. As Morrie Schwartz said, “Accept who you are and revel in that”)-believe that “perfection” is a term that people use to ignite other people’s insecurities. And I think it’s plain shallow to think that you live up to perfection and thus making other people feel inferior. Grow up.
– Believe that my mistakes make me better. I am no longer afraid of making mistakes. My mistakes allow me to improve myself. There is always always something to improve on. I am still under reconstruction (kaizen).
– Believe that the simple life is the good life.
– fairytales, happy endings, fate, serendipity and in the saying that “all good things come to those who wait”. *wink*
– my faith
– my family and the people I love 🙂
– nice people (what a wonderful world it would be if it was just filled with nice and real people. NO users, plastic people and the like. Yeah, what a perfect world!)
– basketball<33
– cute and adorable kids
– anything bright
– coffee
– chocolates
– good books
– pictures, pictures,pictures!
– Ireland (still fascinated by it, no idea why!)
– Ritz bitz and Brite Crawlers
– anything that compliments my geekiness (papers, pens, post-its, quotes etc etc)
– a playlist that is as eclectic as I am;)
– laughtrips
– chocokaklandia and my chocokak daydreams *wink*
– Barney
– Willy Wonka (not Johnny Depp!)
– Morrie Schwartz
– Howard Schultz (thank you thank you for Starbucks!)
– David Pelzer
– Wonder Raine and Super Cy:):)
– And the two people who has been there for me since day one, as cheesy as it may sound: my dear parentsJ

Laugh often. Love Much. Live Well. Sometimes you only get to once 🙂 🙂
“Perfection is static, even boring. Imitations are redundant. YOUR true unvarnished self is what is wanted” –Anna Quindlen
“Be who you are say what you feel, cause those who matter don’t mind and those who don’t matter mind” –Dr. Suess.
“Though I cannot fly, I am not content to crawl” –9 Days
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pictures, pictures,pictures!