Life and my dear heart.


Hmm…. So, how has my life been? How has my heart been? I wonder really why whenever people would ask about my life they’d soon end up askng about my love life as well, as if that’s the only thing that could define me. Not my academics or my family life or my wonderful friends. Its as if they constantly have to ask about my love life and how it is (in my case, it isn’t hehe). . .

Want to know the real deal?

It upsets me sometimes…really. I mean my life is okay now. Everything is okay and I feel mucho blessed and there’s no room for complaining anymore. I am more than happy with what I have but well, I found this interesting fact out… I am human after all. Meaning that I do get lonely and I do wish for something as wonderful as that too. I was reading this article yesterday in the Philppine Star about Lucy Torres (she is SO pretty) and she was asked what was the worst thing that someone could ever experience in their life time. You know what she answered?

“Not falling madly, deeply and crazily in love. And not being loved back in that sense as well.”

How sad is that. It sent shivers down my spine and made my blood run cold. It seriously scared me but don’t think that my cynical side didn’t reason because it did. First I started thinking, “You’re lucy torres-duh. Who wouldn’t fall crazily in love with you?” But I stopped because I know it wasn’t about that. It was about this fear in me that maybe… that would happen to me. Tears are at the corner of my eye just as I realized that recoiling thought