My Dad, The Great


One of my favorite success stories to shares is that of my dad’s.
Born and raised in Cebu, my dad was born with an innate determination to have a life better than the environment he was born in. From the moment he was a little boy, he worked odd jobs while perfecting the craft he was passionate about – basketball. His efforts soon paid off when he joined the RP Youth Basketball Team in 1978-79 and was soon recruited to join the Gold Eagle Team (under San Miguel Corporation) in the Philippine Basketball Association in 1980.
But more than the awards placed around our homes, the recognition from basketball fans that comes when I mention his name, and the comfortable life he has given our family, what makes my dad truly great is his character – greatly etched by all the things he went through – both good and bad. My dad strived to be the kind of father who was always there – foregoing personal pleasures in order to be there to tuck us in at night, and to be the first face we see when we wake up. To say that my dad was a “hands on dad” is quite an understatement, he was more than just there for us, he was and continues to be involved in our lives.
My dad taught me about an ambition – of never settling just because it was the easier route. When it came to work, my dad has always been my inspiration. From the moment he entered the crazy world of basketball, my father has been putting in his entire heart and soul to a game he has loved, and it has reaped its benefits. It was his career in basketball that has put food on the table, and gave us an education. My father didn’t care about recognition; he always told me that if you love and invest in what you do, it will love you back. His love of learning has also inspired my own, my dad is always finding ways to improve himself.
He is also my number one adviser when it comes to relationships, and while he couldn’t shield me from life’s inevitable heartaches, his words of wisdom has always become my anchor – his love has become a benchmark in what I should expect from the men I entertain in my life. My dad has scoffed upon my choices as of late, but I know someday, I’ll meet someone who he’d approve of.  
So today, I dedicate this article to my dad, the man who has worked extremely hard to give us the life he only imagined to have when he was little. God has indeed been good, and He will continue to be good in the days to come.
And to end, Happy Father’s day to all the super dads out there – your love is making all the difference in the world.