my five complaints of the week


It’s not a big secret that I am in love with Mo’s morning show, Good Times. One portion of the show that they do every monday which is Mo’s five complaints for the past week, I was inspired to copy that version of the show in my cynical blog in order to let out the negativity that visits my life every so often. SO I know present to you the top 5 things that has annoyed me in the past week,

word of caution: this is going to be a very hostile article. So yes I am not sweet all the time, I do get mad and I do get annoyed.

  • Seat stealers

If you’re a huge fan of basketball and make it a point to watch everyonce in awhile, you will definitely encounter, the indominable seat stealer. The’yre the ones who argue with the usher insisting that that’s thier seats. It’s annoying because instead of watching basketball you have to stand waiting by the aisle distracting other people as well. Haay, when your ticket says 106 C, it’s NOT 105 C. Tsk Tsk.

  • People who DON’T reply

When you waste a peso to text someone on something really important it’s kindda annoying if they don’t text back. Mind your manners.

  • Plastic people who LIE ALL THE FREAKIN time

Most people say that I’m too frank and opinionated for my own good, but to those who say that here’s what I have to say: at least when you’re with me, you’re sure that I’m being honest and not lurking around some fake persona. If you don’t like me, then dont freakin talk to me and I’ll do the same.

  • Another bunch of fake people who PRETEND to be involved in charities

That my friend is the lowest of the low. Period.

  • Rude people who when you say hi to them turn their heads and roll thier eyes.

I should probably remind them that if they continue doing that their eyes would never go back to normal-ever again. That should scare them.