5 things you shouldn’t do when you’re 18 and considered an adult


1) Get your younger brother’s halloween candy when he isn’t looking
– Because of the stupid trimester system that my school has I didn’t get to go trick or treat with my younger brother, his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s family. I got to go to the late one, but what’s the point of that? All of the candy were gone. So, what was last resort? Steal my younger brother’s candy (boy were they good!) and tell him that I gave away his candy since he’s too old for that when he finally asks where all of it went. Also remind him that giving is so much better than receving.

2) Be proud to say that you still get lost in the grocery store
-And I’m not saying this because I’m trying to be cute like some pathetic people, instead I am saying this because IT IS THE TRUTH. So, don’t let go of me in the supermarket or else you’d probably find me near the storage corner demading for new wheat bread and insisting that the one they have in the aisles are just plain old.

3) Scream like a four-year old when you see a rat in your school and refuse to use the bathroom unless they kill it
-To begin with, I DESPISE rats and any other crawly and icky things and having it in school is just plain GROSS. Schools are supposed to be CLEAN AND SAFE and having rats eliminates the two things they have to be immediately. S0 I do have the right to demand for every maintenance person I see to kill that stupid thing.

4) Go gaga over your basketball crush for seven years and not say a word when you finally talk to him. Instead you ask for TWO PICTURES with him instead of one, making you look like a serial stalker
– Yes, I’ve had a crush on rudy hatfield since FOREVER and yes seeing him makes me lose my train of thought and the proper use of the english language, not to mention grammar. But have you seen him lately? he’s like a filipino verision of vin diesel, only so much hotter. And the whole picture thing, that’s because my camera is stupid and not because one picture is not enough and also, he is the only basketball player that I’ve ever had a crush on. I’ve always said that soccer dudes are way hotter anyway.

5) Run away and clam up when the guy of your dreams finally talks to you
-AND i’m not referring to rudy hatfield here, I’m talking about someone else. he probably thinks that my personality matches that of a paper towel.

Looking at these things make me realize that YES I do have some growing up to do. But being a kid is so much fun, don’t you think?
midters week finally over, let us all rejoice!!:)