the thing about guys


“The world is full of guys. Don’t be a guy, BE A MAN”.:-)

I love kindergarten. You want to know why? Simply because of the fact that girls and guys can be friends with each other without thinking of cooties or being more than friends.

Everything was so simple back then and I wonder most of the time where all those simplicity has gone once grade school has entered the picture.

The thing with me is this: I’m generally close to guys.

Some may regard me as a flirt or something else more demeaning but the fact of the matter is that I grew up a daddy’s girl and literally grew up with guys. I don’t have girl cousins and my dad’s job has created an environment for me that was mostly dominated by males. This is the reason why I am at ease with guys and get along with them better.

Plain and Simple. I’m just close to guys and see them as my brothers so I really have no idea why guys because of that fact tend to think that just because I’m nice to them or text them often, I’m already head over heels in love with them.

It must be the ego speaking but seriously, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??????!!!!

Just because I’m nice to a guy and ask him how he’s doing every once in awhile doesn’t mean that I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM. That’s how I am with my girl friends and I don’t think my girl friends think that I am infatuated with them.

It’s kindda sad because I have encountered FOUR guys who think that way in the past ten months of 2006 and it’s extremely sad. I don’t know why guys are like that, I don’t want to generalize them into one category but still it’s SAD.

Now, I’m more cautious with guys especially those who continually brag to their friends that I LIKE THEM and HEAD OVER HEELS hearting them.

It’s pathetic… seriously.

Sometimes I just want to smack their faces and ask them if ever there was a time that I actually told them that I “heart” them. I wonder what makes them so assuming, it’s sordidly annoying.

A friend of mine asked me last week why I didn’t have a boy friend yet and I failed to tell him the reason why. The reason why I don’t have a boy friend is because of the fact that guys are JERKS. Well, maybe not all of them, but most of them and those who aren’t are married, taken or just not interested in relationships at all (good for you amigo!).

I haven’t found one man enough to JUST ASK ME straightforward if I like him or not and not ruin the friendship entirely.

Aside from this little quirk that I hate, I love guys. They’re the greatest friends one could ever have so if ever you are one of my bestest guy friends, I’m sorry, you know how I am with these things. HE HE HE.:-)

I just hope that they’d get over the ego and I know I am not the only girl who goes through these things, so for those of you who enjoy assuming, JUST STOP okay?
I know you know who you are, so if ever you’re reading this, I only have this to say: