my inner rebel


People always say that everyone has thier inner demon/rebel or however you may want to call it. Its inside everyone, even the nicest,sweetest and most adorable creatures on earth and unfortunatley… me.
Inasmuch as I try (empahsize on the word “try” please) to get along with everyone (even that witch who loathes me for no apparent reason acceptable), there’s still that “rebel” inside of me that’s screaming to get out. As a kid, I always found ways to release my inner rebel (punching my classmate’s eye using a cupcake, pulling my busmate’s hair and being called to the principal’s office every once and awhile).
I’m matured now but i must admit there are sill a lot of “peeves” that trigger my inner rebel to come out. I just realized that I can’t stand to be around people “I loathe”. I can never be plastic, if I hate you, it shows, but that doesn’t mean I go around hating people, that’s too pathetic. I hate for a reason (uhmmm…unlike…some witch who looks exactly like her broomstick…wahaha!) but eventually it goes away.
I can’t stay made long, but I cant repress my anger either. I say what I want and share my opinions no matter who’s listening.
I’m not sharing this because i’m proud of my inner rebel but im sharing it because antoher pet peeve of mine is when people take me for granted. I’m not a doormat and I’m not nice all the time.
I’m human… a real one at that.