My kind of detox


To say that I had a very “cleansing” weekend would be an understatement. In as much as I wanted to go out of town and party the weekend away, I didn’t. Instead, I did what I should have done weekends ago and that’s rearrange my room and clean from top to bottom.

It was very theraputic, people should be cleaning things out more often, it saves you a lot of emotional distress. I kid you not.


I guess going back to old friends isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I thought that in order to move on to something new, you had to leave everything behind. Truth is, sometimes you’d have to go back a few steps and reevaluate where you’ve been so that it gives you the courage to move forward.

In a sense, it makes you go, “I did that? I got through that?”

That’s the place where i’m in right now, just stuck in between two platforms (–blame this term on harry potter) between where I’ve been and where I plan to go.I’m just allowing myself to be led by Him. He knows what He’s doing anyway.

I’ve been revisiting my dreams as well, the ones I thought I chucked a long time ago. I can’t get into the details yet but I’ve had this dream in me for the past five years and God is finally giving it to me.

It’s wonderful. I’m at a good place and I honestly hope that you are too:)