The ridiculously high price of growing up


I would give absolutely anything, anything I tell you in exchange for me to return to the good ol’ college days, or maybe even to the good ol’ high school days.

Yes, I have never been this self-adjusted in my entire life but at the same time, I’ve also never been this frustrated.

It comes with the territory you know? This whole growing up thing, now I know the reason why Peter Pan always resented leaving Neverland. Ooh, the thought of not growing up seems very enticing to me right now.

I now want to take back the number of days that I wished that I was grown up in exchange for today and all the torture that it has caused me.

My dad says I should stop being a brat, but really, am I even one? Is it brat-like to demand for respect? I guess I have to stop complaining because it’s not a grown-up thing to do.

But, honestly, it’s taking every fiber of my being to not scream. I wish I was one of those heiresses who don’t have to work for a living. I wish I was twenty years old and vacationing in the Hamptons. Not twenty years old and thinking of what’s next, how much income my company has to generate and so on. I’m too young. Sometimes I regret graduating so early.

In a way, I’m still living a fairy-tale, this being evident by the wicked witches surrounding me. I’ve never been this deflated.

I’m fearful of what’s next.

Sometimes, I think I take myself so seriously when I shouldn’t. I should have my own dose of partying stories to tell, you know? Why am I so uptight? I’m being stretched. Stretched way too much.

I seriously need a life.