The guys I would marry in a heartbeat


Michael Phelps

Do I really need to explain why? This guy in one word is amazing. I think any girl would fall in love with a guy who’s so determined. God knows there are too many guys who don’t have enough passion to save his life. It’s nice to see a guy who knows where he’s going and knows exactly how to get there.

Barack Obama

Just because I know that this dude will save the world. Just watch.

Shia Labeouf

Just because I still have this knack for saving people and Mr. Indiana Jones needs a lot of saving.

Chace Crawford

This is one guy with values. In one of his many interviews, superhandsomemyhusbandtobe, said that he doesn’t agree with the values of Gossip Girl and would rather do away with certain scenes that wasn’t in line with what he was taught when he was younger. He also studied for Pepperdine University for awhile, so you can’t say that he doesn’t have the brains.


Joe Jonas

Do I really need a reason? 🙂 he’s cute 🙂