My kind of guy


He puts God first.
He has a lot of friends but has no trouble with being alone.
He can dress lavishly but chooses to keep it simple.
He is not materialistic.

He doesn’t spend every night drinking, partying, smoking and getting laid (excuse the pun but it is true.)
He makes everyone laugh,even himself.
He gets me even when I don’t say anything.
He has direction.
He loves his family.
No sign of an ego-at all. (even if he has a number of things to brag about)
He can get along with my mom, my dad and my grandmother.
We can never bore each other, even if we’re just spending the day at home.
He’ll treat my friends, family and me right.
He’ll sincerly fall in love with who I really am, help to change me for the better and allow me to do the same.
The Lord hasn’t sent that person to me yet. But im willing to wait because in His perfect time everything will be perfect as well.