Fashion,shmashion and what beauty truly is.


( A revised entry. I posted the first entry in my other blog.)
Flip flops, tanning and the new line of Louis Vuitton can be found in the lifestyle section. Terri Schiavo, the pope’s latest condition,world hunger and the complimentary room given to our first husband (or whatever they call him) can be found in the main page.
I understand the difference of these two parts of the newspaper but that doesn’t make me less apalled. People have better things to do rather than worry about tanning, flipflops and Louis Vuitton. Okay, maybe the “overly fortunate” can benefit from this but not the ordinary middle class people that this country is composed of. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good but showing people these expensive things that is very much impossible to afford for most of the population is not helping anyone. Yourselves and your social status maybe.
I commend most of the writers of YS ( a section of the Philippine star every Friday). They brighten up people’s days but being real and not pretending to be perfect. I think its snnobish of these people (not the writers from YS) to talk day and night about fashion and make it appear that a person would die and is not worthy if he isn’t wearing the “right labeled clothing”. I love clothes, i love getting dressed and I love my flipflops but I don’t think im better than everyone else just because I do.
What am I saying here? This is exactly what’s wrong with the world today. These are the people that send off the wrong connotation of beauty. And its sad to think that instead of going against this wrong connotation we just ride the wave and conform.
Beauty is giving yourself to others in terms of service.
Beauty is not judging based on superficiality.
Beauty is respect.
Beauty is loving unselfishly.

Beauty is forgiveness.
Beauty is passion.

Beauty is being real.
Beauty comes from the love we get from having a relationship with Christ.
Christ is beauty.

We all have something beautiful inside of us and it won’t be brought out be even the most expensive line of cosmetics or clothing. It can only be brought out by Christ.

If you have Christ in your life, you are the most beautiful person in the world.
And that’s a fact, no matter what people say you are beautiful.