my love affair with something id rather call “pop culture”


(Something isn’t right with the title, wahaha.)

My brother and my dad got into an arguement the other day. Over what? you may ask. Well, it was because my dad accidentally cracked my brother’s JoJo cd case. I have no idea how that happened, but let’s just say that it caused a little chaos at home. I sigh at the realization that my baby brother has found his first “perfect dream girl.”
This incident makes me smile, because five years ago the same thing happened, only that time it was me and it was an O-Town cd (im cringing as well.) I was 12 and my life evolved around pop stars, gossip about pop stars and wanting to be like pop stars.
When I look back its so funny how I was so obssesed with Nsync and Lance Bass. Up to this day, I couldn’t part with the Nsync memorabilia that I have gathered over the short time that I was “in love” with Nsync. (Maybe, I still am.Wahaha.)
Its funny because at that time I knew everything that was to know about this so called pop culture, I had every magazine and MTV was the main channel at home. Now, at 17 all I ever follow are the shows on ETC and I don’t even watch American Idol faithfully. I believe some kids would laugh at my ignorance. Its funny how my taste in music has evolved and how I have learned to keep myself busy with other things and its funny how things that use to matter a lot don’t even ring a bell to me these days.
But what’s amazing me is the fact that what I went through five years ago my brother an those of his age bracket are going through right now. And I know its not just about knowing what’s in and what’s not. I know that they are also feeling insecure, the way I did when I was that age ( I believe there are times when I still am) and the way I was confused about what I wanted and who I was.
I wish I could give them a book on how they should take on the next five years of thier life. I wish I could hand them a “first aid kit” to mend thier hurts that come from rejection, not fitting in and realizing your weaknesses. I wish I could. I wish I could shield them from everything that I’ve been through. I wish I could make them believe me that its okay to be a geek, to be different to not be a part of the popular group and that not buying from that “cool new” store wouldn’t matter. I wish I could but then again when I was that age and I met someone like who I am now, I wouldn’t like her very much.
I think its something each and everyone of us has to go through as difficult as it may seem. Now, I know why parents worry so much.
Okay, so this entry started out as the story of my love affair but ended as something that Dr. Phil Mc Graw would end up using. I swear these long summer days have affected my brain.