what i’ve been up to these past few days (aside from sulking and daydreaming,missing my friends and getting more addicted to caffine)


Text messages are keeping me happy. Very happy. Haha, especially the one Jen sent me yesterday. The whole 5-6 thing. It was so darn funny, I edited it and sent it to Pao, Zen and Carlo. It was so mean. Haha.=)
Anyway, so what have I been up to? Well, I’ve been watching a lot of basketball games lately and not just of the coke variety (by the way majorly upset with our standing and the fact that we lost against talk and text last night, even the fries couldn’t cheer me up.boo-hoo). I’ve been watching the NBA games ( I was actually rooting for Sacramento!) and other PBA games (I am now a major fan of SMB, haha). If coke’s not going to be the one to win this season, I hope SMB does. I really have no idea why people take this whole team thing seriously. Its hard to explain but then again its like a mortal sin if you cheer for a team other than yours. Its not, my dad knows I cheer for SMB. Oh and I know someone who dislikes Coke because she dislikes me. Weird noh?!
Okay, aside from basketball I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. I finally got reinspired to write and write and write. So, there believe me that takes up most of my time and helping out at home and getting myself ready for the new phase in my life. Hehe…=)
So there… my life is dull it never fails to amaze me. Maybe that’s the reason why no one ever visits this site. haha=)