My Resolutions For The New Year


For the past two years I have always placed in my planner my resolutions for the New Year. But this time, I want to try something new. So, here are my resolutions for 2007. Let’s cross our fingers that I follow through with it.


Over the past week, I have been watching A WHOLE LOT of cartoons and I’ve come to realize that the greatest lessons you learn come from them. One of them was what Strawberry Shortcake and Friends were belting in a song, “All the good and bad of life, We Must Accept”. Ain’t that smart?

-It’s always been said that giving is better than receiving. I think I learned that this season and also, it’s always been a dream of mine. And I’m not saying this just so I could appear to be more angelic, I’m saying this because I mean it. People of my generation care so much about their weight, their clothes and their meaningless love lives that they actually forget that for most people a boyfriend is the last thing that they could think of. Food and shelter is the top priority and maybe, I can help in one way or another.

3) Don’t Go Beyond My Cellphone Credit Line

-If, at the very least, due to the fact that I’m already in so much trouble with my parents.

4) Buy More Shoes, Less Flops
-Ermm, maybe this contradicts my number two resolution but since I am saving anyway, why not spend it on things that would last? I’m just being economical

5) Stop Saying “OMG” even if it’s through SMS only
-Well, sometimes text messaging can be so tedious, so saying OMG is a good shortcut. But I don’t think it sounds too good, it’s more annoying I think.

6) Hug A Friend Everyday
– It releases the stress in more ways than one.

7) Don’t Easily Trust People

-No matter how trusting they look. No matter how nice they are. People always have something dark lurking beneath them. I trust so much in the fact that there’s a good side to everyone that I forget about the evil in most people.

8) Blog More Often
– I used to blog everyday, but that was also during the time that I didn’t have anything else to do. Now, I am so swamped with work that I tend to neglect my blog. Sorry bloggie, don’t worry next year is a new year for more entries.

9) Blog More Often
– I am going to be a college graduate soon so that means that I have to learn how to spend my money wisely. Soon enough, I cannot beg my parents to buy the new Bo Sanchez book.

10) Learn Spanish
-I’ve been putting off for a year. Again: BUSY. I should learn, how else would Erik Morales know that I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM AND THAT WE’RE MEANT TO BE IN THE NEXT LIFE?? I am saying next life because I don’t want to be wife number three.

11) Forgive AND Forget
– Damn! I’ve been through SO MUCH this year that it’s so easy to be bitter and mad at people who did me wrong, but what good what that be? Have you listened to JoJo’s song, “The High Road”? That speaks so much about how I feel towards aheemmm.. “those people”

12) Let Go
-Self explanatory

13) Start Liking Tall Guys
– Have you seen my cute guy list? I think most of them are short. I think that would be a problem since I don’t fall off my heels anymore. Ha!

14) Like REAL Guys
-As in, guys who go to school, who live and breathe your own air and stop pining for McDreamy.

15) Smile
– Even if I am so pissed, I am smiling…… *grits teeth*

16) STOP! Eating Unhealthy Food
– *SIGHS* but they’re just SO good…

– I am still opinionated but I think TOO MUCH TALK gives people the right to judge you, so zip!

18) Read All of Paulo Coelho’s Books
– I love him, don’t you?

19) Read The Bible
-I’ve finished the entire New Testament… I’m getting to the old testament very soon.

20) Email Karla Everday
-My best friend deserves really LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGGG emails about my very exciting life. *sarcastic tone*

21) Go out with My Chika, My Soeur and Tita Rose AT LEAST once a month
– We need more than text messages to keep in touch!


-And you nosy people, “HE’S” not from school, so stop spreading nasty things. I never HAD a boyfriend so SHUSH! (ESPECIALLY HIM…EWWW)

24) Watch ALL of Leonardo Di Caprio’s Movies
-He IS the man again!

25) Act Like An Adult
-Which May Mean Enough Crying, especially in public! And this may also mean no more whining!

26) Drink Lesser Cups of Coffee A Day
-Carla, are you kidding me? What would you live on? FORGET THIS!

-I’ll start too! No More Crying. No more false friends. No more liking jerky guys. I am staying away from all the negative people and events and SO ON.

I hope all of you will have a GREAT NEW YEAR! Eat, Drink, Enjoy (not TOO much) and Be Merry! Happy New Year Everyone!