2007 and then some…


Aloha 2007!

Finally, it’s 2007 and I’m utterly excited and optimistic about it. 2006 was such a bad year that I’m just so thankful that I got through everything. Without my daily prayers, I have no idea what would have happened. *shudder*

My family and I get this feeling that all the bad has happened in 2006 and everything would just be WONDERFUL come 2007. The entire family is so excited about the New Year and so are most of my friends. It has been said that 2006 was the year of the devil, *another bigger shudder* and he was doing absolutely everything to destroy things and make people submit to him more. So, I’m sure that everything evil that has happened in the past year was brought about by the devil and he used people who weren’t strong in faith to destroy Christians. I’m just glad that the Lord is on my side.

I enrolled myself today and boy was I extremely relieved, I know that it gets ultra busy when everyone decides to enroll on the same day. I have a pretty good schedule but I do think that my subjects are kindda tough. But, with a little hard work, why not?

I have totally immersed myself in Cold Case. It is such a cool TV show, it’s mature and I feel “grown-up” watching it. You should go grab an “ahem” “illegal” copy of it, you wouldn’t regret it, that is if you enjoy thrillers and the like.

I felt like I was 14 again when I visited Kat-Kat’s place last Tuesday. She was watching One Tree Hill and I remembered when I was her age (14) when I fell in love with Nathan Scott. During that time, NO ONE I knew liked One Tree Hill, in fact an old acquaintance of mine even said that she found it boring and guess what? She’s like totally in love with MY NATHAN four years later. Talk about peer pressure! So, I guess it annoys me to see people who love it due to peer pressure, but that’s a totally different story. When I first fell in love with Nathan on One Tree Hill, there weren’t illegal copies yet (I am so fond of them), I would watch One Tree Hill every week and cringe every time it ends. It was THAT IMPORTANT TO ME. No one could talk to me during Tuesdays because I was into One Tree Hill and as I watched the first season last Tuesday (ironic huh?) I found myself still reciting the lines, amazed that I still memorized them. Those were the days that life wasn’t so complicated, it was just that. I love Nathan period. No explanations. My dream world was enough.

For 2007, I would love to have back those childhood dreams. To believe again, To Hope again, To strive to find magic in the world again. To see past the ugly and just hold on.

Maybe, I’m getting to it. And I hope that you would be inspired to do so too.

Have a charming 2007!