nerds are better boyfriends (or so I heard hahaha)


(Okay, this entry would be REALLY honest, if you find it cheesy skip it na lang…)

I am not in the market for a boyfriend. I am very much happy with my life right now but that doesn’t stop me from making “observations.”
I must admit, I liked someone from my school right now. BUT the feeling was diminished yesterday. I’ve said it in my “purity ring” entry that I would never give up my values for someone. Well, let me expound on that further.
See, I liked that guy. He’s really attractive but the thing is, his life is so… wasted. I wouldn’t get into details but while I was at Starbucks last Friday waiting for my ride when I started “analyzing the situation”. (There was nothing to do really that’s why and it was one of those moements…) Now, I can say that “looks are secondary” honestly.
You see, the guy i liked, inasmuch as he’s “hot”, he wasn’t someone I’d bring home to meet my dad. I’m not looking for somone perfect. I’m just looking for someone with direction. Someone who knows where he’s going in life. Someone who has respect for HIS family and the people around him. Someone who isn’t selfish. Someone who puts other first.
Haha. I just wanted to share my theory. Looks isn’t everything. I sohuld know it took me my whole life to figure that out.


So there, screw looks…

I so mean that!:)