New Life Starts Tomorrow


It’s been a month since school ended and God has been so good to my family and I!

A new chapter of my life begins tomorrow and I am so nervous (please please do include me in your prayers) but at the same time, really really excited!!!

Just a little message:

Do you remember what the then pre rehab and coke LiLo said on Mean Girls when she played Cady Heron? Let me just refresh your memory:

“Saying someone’s ugly won’t make me prettier, saying someone’s fat won’t make me thinner and ruining someone else’s life (through false rumors perhaps?) won’t make me any happier”

I strongly believe in Karma. I would never do anything to hurt someone’s reputation.


Who are you-
and what do you do
To make you think you are above me
But have you walked in my shoes
The pedestal
You put yourself on
Well since I’m breaking it down now
It’s gonna collapse and be gone-gone-gone-gone-gone

Probably one of them tag a longs down 4 the free t-shirt
Cuz you’re a hanger on
You think you got my figured out
Never met me have no clue what I’m about
Maybe I got things you wish you had
You need to stop the hate and get a pen and pad
I work around the clock, so fill your smoth up with a sock
And get you head up off your jock
Tell me who you are and what your background is
Tell me how you’re feelin’ when you listen to this


Falling in love with UGLY BETTY right now!! It surpasses all of my favorite TV shows. Eric Mabuis is soooooooo hot! haha:)

It’s hilarious, Betty sorta reminds me of myself (ohmigad, the prom dress did it!!) and she truly has the biggest heart of any character I’ve ever fallen in love with!!!!:)