Nothings, mumblings and ramblings on a Friday afternoon


I didn’t know that there was a rally today. I only found out after I had my id picture taken. Last time I checked, the rally was only attended by five hundred people, but that was two hours ago and I probably heard it wrong. So if you’re into this whole rally thing: no offense.

I’m having a really “fff” day. There’s nothing particularly wrong with today, it’s just blah. I don’t know what’s wrong really. Karla attributes it to PMS. I attribute it to my gazillion mood swings.

Isn’t it weird that I can’t sit still? I don’t think it’s because of my hyperthyroidism anymore because my recent test levels indicate that I am finally better. I guess my mind is in constant motion and I hate not being able to do things that I just thought of. I know sometimes that’s not such a good idea, but on most days, it serves it purpose.

I am currently in the fourth season of my Dawson’s Creek marathon and it’s been a month already. I don’t know why but I am so in love with the whole Joey and Pacey love story. All the more in love with Pacey. He is the sweetest boyfriend, he may not be the smartest, but he is really such a sweetie. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect boyfriend.

I think my irrevocable love for all Joshua Jackson characters (remember him as Charlie Conway? Another perfect and yet highly unbelievable character) is costing my love life. I mean come on, I may have spotted a few look-a-likes (believe me they exist in the Philippines! I just won’t be telling you where they are) but none of them even come close. I don’t even know if Joshua Jackson comes close. That’s just pathetic, don’t you think?

Janine said that I should stop trying to par every guy that comes along my way with someone from the past, from my “type” in high school, you know the perfect student, the perfect jock. She says my standards are too high.

Here’s all I have to say to that: I’m too busy adjusting to my new job and finishing Dawson’s creek to even care. If it’s meant, it will come at the right time (which reminds me of one of Joshua Jackson’s immortal lines on the first episode of season three!)
I’m regretting a friendship I had most recently. Although I befriended that person with the best of my intentions, I don’t think she even deserved my friendship. I’m not judging anyone or am I in the position to do so. All I’m saying is I had a lapse of judgment in the past few months but I cut ties with that person already. If you think that I’m like her because I used to be an acquaintance then you’re dead wrong, we couldn’t be even more different.

Again, no passing of judgment, I guess you’d have to know the whole story to know the whole deal which in such case, you’d have to ask me.

Have a grand weekend everyone!